Teleprompter USA and 19inch teleprompter
Teleprompter USA and 24inch Prompter on Long Lens for AMD a t
Teleprompter USA and Zoom International Broadcast at remote location

Video Prompter for Presidents

Teleprompter USA with ABC World News Tonight - Hurricane coverage

Teleprompter USA and 24inch teleprompter for Rooms To Go
Teleprompter USA and World News Tonight with Hurricane coverage

Teleprompter USA

Floor  Prompter for Talent 

Teleprompter USA and GMA prompter

Teleprompter USA

Teleprompter USA and 12 inch JIB prompter outdoors
Teleprompter USA and Stage Floor Teleprompter

Teleprompter USA 19inch Camera-mounted

Teleprompter USA outdoor JIB with 12 inch prompter on moving platform


ABC Good Morning America Broadcast.

Teleprompter USA 24 Inch Camera mounted for Multiple Talent scripts

Teleprompter USA 24 inch on Long Lens

Live International Zoom Call

at Client Remote location

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OPEN 24/7.   We got you covered with Teleprompter hardware for Studio or 

Field Production. 

We honor all major credit cards.

Call for pricing. We are very competitive &

have several system options

to fit your costs and needs.

1. Camera-mounted or Free-standing Teleprompters

     All sizes for Zoom or streaming, call us for your custom size.

2. Jib and Steadicam Teleprompter

3.  Eye Direct Teleprompter for basic Interviews

4.  Interrotron Services for Directors/Producers

5.  Wireless Teleprompter Services

6. Teleprompter for Broadcast in the Field or Studio

7. Robotic or Basic Presidential Teleprompter

   System for Single for single or  multiple Podiums
8. Operators with Teleprompter Laptops only
9. Teleprompter for (floor) Down Stage Monitors