Video Prompter for Presidents

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24/7 We got you covered.  We honor all major credit cards.

Our pricing is very competitive &

we have many systems & options

to fit your costs and needs.

1. ROBOTIC TELEPROMPTERS (please call for pricing)!

2. Basic Presidential Teleprompter System Speech Packages
    Single Presidential for Podium/Lectern
    Full Day for 8 Hours  (Half Day call for availability)

    Double Presidentials for Podiums/Lecterns
    Full Day for 8 Hours  
    Includes Operator, primary and backup computers,

    all Hardware , cables and accessories.

 3.Operators with Teleprompter Laptops only
      (please call for pricing).

4.Teleprompter for (floor) Down Stage Monitors  
    Includes Operator, primary and backup computers , cables and

    accessories (please call for pricing).
   Combo- Presidential & Down Stage Teleprompter systems 

   special pricing is also available. 

5. Camera-mounted or Free-standing Teleprompters

     All sizes call for pricing.

6. Jib and Steadicam Teleprompter (call for pricing).